1 Apartments

Everything you should know about the apartments, equipment and other details. This is not the place where we present detailed information about each apartment. To find all the details about the place you are going to rent, please check carefully apartment descriptions, photos, floorplans and especially features list. Whatever information you'll be missing, don't hesitate to contact us.


1.1   Are the apartments suitable and ready for long term rent? Do you offer monthly rates?

Of course, long term rentals are a significant part of our business. Majority of our apartments are designed to suite needs of extended or long term staying individuals or the whole families. The key benefit for you is that we completely cover all requirements on facility management related to your apartment. We simply take care of everything, we save you valuable time by managing every detail, including rental, furnishings and utilities, incorporating the all in one simple monthly rental account.

We offer high standard of living in Prague including 24 hour assistance, and all in one invoice (electricity, gas, extra service cost etc.).

1.2   How many persons can stay with me in the apartment?

The Lease Agreement allows you in general to invite and accommodate maximal two persons per existing bedroom plus 2 other invitees when using roll away sofa, usually in the living room. The Rent includes only the number of persons corresponding to 2 persons per bedroom. You'll be asked to pay supplement service charge for everyone above the count of dtandard beds. This small charge covers additional bedlinen, towels, extra water consumption etc

1.3   What equipment shall I expect, do we need to bring our towels etc?

We make our apartments to be a home away from home for you. All apartments are fully furnished and equipped to make your stay absolutely flexible and enjoyable. All apartments are ready to immediately move in with entire family and start to live in Prague, you'll find everything you need for your personal lifestyle inside the apartments. Please check our detailed list of the equipment in description of residences as well as pictures on our website. Whether you want to prepare a quick cup of coffee or a full gourmet meal, our superbly appointed kitchens contain everything you require. You can also get connected free of charge in all the apartments, WIFI connection is available in all apartments, cable connection in some. The rental includes bedlinen, set of towels and toiletries. You can anytime during your stay request their additional replenishment and exchange as well as complete maid service including fresh bed linen. Small charge will apply for these extra services.

1.4   Are the apartments "children friendly"?

Yes, we think that to rent apartment brings huge advantages to every family "on the road". We developed all apartments to bring all family members a feel like "be at home". Fully appointed kitchens, spacious living rooms, separated bedrooms; two or more bathrooms are the key benefits for everyone travelling with children. Travelling with toddlers? The baby cot, high chair, separate set of baby towels and many more will be ready for you. All of this makes your stay in Prague as much comfortable as possible comparing to your home. Despite our dedication to provide trouble free environment for the children we kindly ask all parents to carefully check apartment and consider all risky equipment eg. sharp edges, corners etc. and inform us about it, we will supply all necessary protection in very short time, for free of course.

1.5   Smoking in the apartment?

Smoking in the apartment is not allowed at all. The house rules, which are the part of rental agreement, say "Smoking shall be prohibited throughout the entire building including but not limited to, hallways, stairways, foyers, front steps and entrance. Lessee acknowledges that in order to remove odour caused by smoking, the Lessor may need to replace or extraordinary clean carpet and drapes. Such actions and other necessary steps will impact the return of the security deposit."

1.6   Can we bring our pets to Prague?

Pets are allowed only after our granted approval. In any case you are fully responsible for behavior and /or any damages caused by your pets. An additional security deposit in the amount of 200 EUR shall be required along with additional rent. Lessee also agrees to carry insurance deemed appropriate by Lessor to cover possible liability and damages that may be caused by pets.

2 Reservations

Everything you should know about the reservation procedure, how to guarantee your reservation, what's included in the price etc. This section will also provide you with the information what to do if you need to shorten or even cancel the rental contract.


2.1   How can I make the apartment reservation with you?

It's very easy to reserve your preferred apartment in Prague, with us also for unrestricted length of stay. You can either use our web site to create a reservation or contact us by phone, e-mail or even through live chat application. Our rental specialists are ready to assist you one every step. Along with your confirmation we will require providing us with the reservation deposit (which is a part of the price, no additional cost). The deposit varies depending on the length of Lease contract. Please check exact Booking and cancellation conditions. Later upon your arrival we will request to provide us with the rest of the Rent and additional Refundable Security Deposit in the compliance with the Lease agreement. The Lease agreement is signed upon your arrival to Prague and key handover. The Refundable Security Deposit is refunded with 24 hours after Lease termination.

2.2   What is included in the price?

The apartment Rent includes use of the fully furnished apartment up maximum occupancy, supply of heat, hot and cold water and electricity, all related utility costs e.g. cleaning of common areas of the house, garbage disposal etc. The apartment is also equipped by 2 sets of bed linen and towels per each bedroom. The rent doesn't include any housekeeping and maid services, transfers (unless you fulfil conditions for promotional free airport/station pickup - subject of current promotions) and / or any other extra services which might be ordered by you for an extra fee.

2.3   Why the rates differ from what I got the last time with you?

We use flexible pricing strategy reflecting on the several indications e.g. length of the Lease, number of days between reservation and check-in, number of available apartments for specified period etc. therefore the daily, weekly and even monthly rent might be different under certain conditions. Regardless this fact we can set fixed Rent for corporate housing purposes as well as for special long term rentals.

2.4   If I cancel the reservation is there any charge for that?

The reservation deposit will be fully refundable if we receive the cancellation notice in the reasonable time prior to agreed Lease commencement / check-in. Please check exact Cancellation policies to avoid future misunderstandings and disappointment.

2.5   How can I pay the rent?

We accept all major credit cards, wire transfer, payments by PayPal and cash payments in CZK, EUR, USD, CHF and GBP. Please be aware that exchange rate between your currency and CZK may vary in the time and therefore the small differences between the booking date rate and arrival day rate may occur if the rent is confirmed in CZK.

2.6   What shall I expect from Satisfaction guarantee you offer?

Regardless of the cancellation conditions, we offer to our guest 48 hours satisfaction guarantee. It means that if after your arrival into the apartment

  1. you are not fully satisfied with its settings and equipment and/or we failed to prepare it to perfect conditions and
  2. you will announce us your dissatisfaction within 48 hours after the handover and
  3. immediately after receipt of such a notice in the reasonable time we won't be able to provide you with improvement or any

other action reasonably likely to effect correction you have the right to terminate the Lease contract immediately without the necessity to pay cancellation fee according to our cancellation conditions.

We will charge only the Rent corresponding to the certain number of standard daily rates for the period you used the apartment regardless what was your daily average of agreed Rent in the Lease agreement.

3 Check-in/out

Everything you should know about the steps you need to proceed after your arrival to Prague. You'll find some suitable information how to easily contact our management office, how to meet our representative for handover the keys and the apartment etc.


3.1   What do I need to do to check-in and get the apartment keys?

Actually there is more ways how to do it...

  1. Book an airport / train / bus station transfer with us and the driver will wait for you in the arrival hall at the announced time and takes you to the apartment where you meet our representatives.
  2. You can anytime (24/7) come to our management office located at Karoliny Svetle 4, Prague 1 - Old Town and our representatives will introduce you the apartment, neighbourhood and manage all the formalities. The management office is within walkable distance from majority of apartments.
  3. Inform us 24 hours in advance of your arrival about estimated time and contact us 30 minutes before your exact arrival to the apartment - therefore we can arrange to meet and greet you directly at the apartment at the time.

3.2   What time is the check-in and check-out time?

Standard check-in time is at 14:00 (2:00 P.M.), at this time we guarantee that the apartment will be ready for handover. Although the apartment might be available for handover earlier we can't guarantee it long time ahead, therefore if you plan to arrive to Prague before the 14:00, let us know about it, we'll try to arrange handover as soon as possible to match your arrival but the real availability of this depends on actual occupancy of this apartment a day before. If this is not possible, don't worry, you can leave all your stuff and all luggage in the management office until 14:00.

The check-out time is at 11:00 (11:00 A.M.) at the latest, we expect that the apartment will be completely vacated at this time and the keys placed on the table inside the apartment or personally hand over to our representative. Later check-outs are available only after prior agreement with us and might be subject of additional rent.

If your departure from Prague is scheduled later than 11:00 A.M., contact management office to organize luggage deposit.

3.3   Is the time when we can handover the keys from the apartment limited?

No, we will assist on the daily basis and we are always close to you at any time. Not only on arrival day but anytime during your stay we are available 24/7 to assist with any queries, concerns or maintenance issues that may arise. Management office is located at Karoliny Svetle 4, Prague 1, Old Town, which is a few minute walk majority of apartments.

3.4   What procedure shall I expect upon arrival and what formalities do I need for the apartment handover?

There are a few mandatory steps we need to proceed before we can hand over the apartment to you.

  1. We must write down your passport information for police registration.
  2. A short Lease agreement must be signed.
  3. We will ask you to provide us with Refundable Security Deposit in accordance with the Lease agreement. This could be done either placing some cash amount with us or to charge your credit card for this certain amount.
  4. We will accompany you into the apartment and hand over it to you.

Along with these mandatory steps you can upon the arrival order extra services e.g. maid service, transfers etc. - the entire process take no more than 10-15 minutes.

3.5   Where can I leave the keys from the apartment after departure?

The keys shall be returned to at the contract termination. There is always more ways how to manage it, from dropping the keys to the management office up to leaving then in the apartment on the table. Please pay attention to the key and/or key card return to avoid possible charges for its replacement. Contact management office for other arrangements a day before you departure please.

3.6   How can I be sure that my security deposit won't be used after my departure?

It's not our business to gain additional profit from Refundable Security Deposit; this deposit is paid strictly to ensure the compliance with agreed terms and conditions.

I accordance with the Lease agreement we can charge from your security deposit any amount only due to serious breach of terms stated in Lease agreement as follows: a) any unpaid rent, b) extraordinary cleaning cost and/or cost for repair of damages to premises and/or common areas above ordinary wear and tear, c) additionally ordered cleaning services, d) smoking in the apartment (the penalty of 200 EUR will apply).

If nothing from this is discovered after the premises were completely vacated by you, we guarantee the refund within next 24 hours. If you prefer to get refund immediately, please contact management office along with the exact time of your departure and we will then check the apartment conditions together with you and the bond will be refunded in the spot. The same procedure is necessary for all cash deposits.

4 Extra services

This section will give brief overview what kind of additional services we can arrange for you. You can find here information about the maid services, airport transfers, babysitting, shopping services etc. whatever you might need during staying in your temporary home in Prague.


4.1   Is there maid service included in the apartment rent? If not how much do I pay for this service?

Any kind of maid service is not included in the rental. Despite that it's very easy to request such a services. Please refer to .... to see what kind of maid services we can arrange for you and for what price. You can schedule and select these services exactly based on you preferences, at anytime during your stay.

4.2   Can you arrange airport transfer and how much will it cost?

To help you with your first steps in Prague we can organize airport / train / bus station pickup for you, which is complimentary under some certain conditions (differs on the length of rent). For more info please check our Transfer guidelines to see whether are you entitled to get free pickup or not. Anyway this service make the beginning of your stay in Prague absolutely trouble free, the driver will wait for you at the arrival hall and takes you to the apartment. Don't worry about the rush on the airport/station, you can call our toll free number anytime and we will help you to allocate the driver, if any unexpected situation occurs.

4.3   I would like to have a full fridge upon my arrival, can you help?

It's not a problem at all, just let us know, we'll send you a link to best Czech food delivery website, where you can order the items exactly according to your preferences or send us your shopping list and we will arrange it. The small charge for delivery to your fridge in the sum of 100 CZK / 4 EUR (up to 10 items on the list) or 200 CZK / 8 EUR (over 10 items on the list) will apply.

4.4   Where can I park my car during the stay and how much does the parking come to?

Unfortunately the parking in the center is not allowed for non-residents. You can park in public or private garages only. For short term parking use green or yellow lots, the cost is around 1-2 EUR / hour. The standard cost of public garages is from 25 - 40 EUR / 24 hours. We can arrange safe parking close to the majority of apartments . The parking is charged extra, price starts from 500 CZK / day (17 EUR) depending on location and particular conditions. Just note, the number of parking lots is limited, please let us know once you make decision.

4.5   Would you be able to arrange a tour for me? Do you provide also private-guide tours?

We'll be very happy to assist you to get familiar with Prague. We can book quite a few city tours, private trips and excursions, all of them provided by reliable sightseeing companies. The best you can do, is to send us your requirements and/or expectations what would you like to visit. We can then easily as the local "matadors" recommend you some options and/or suggest additional itineraries.

4.6   Can you arrange babysitting for 2 evenings?

Yes, we can, and please, whatever other requirements, you have in your mind, making your stay in Prague more comfortable, share it with us. Babysitting is one of the standard services as well as anniversary package, home cook or trips to any hidden village in the Czech Republic. But you can inspire us! Share with us what could make your Prague mission very special and wee will try to enforce our local knowledge.

5 General Questions

This section will give brief overview what kind of additional services we can arrange for you. You can find here information about the maid services, airport transfers, babysitting, shopping services etc. whatever you might need during staying in your temporary home in Prague.


5.1   Is my apartment located in the city center?

This is something you can be absolutely sure. Prague City Apartments offers the apartments located in prime Old Town locations only. Our apartments are located across the Old Town, but every location guarantees you very enjoyable and short walk to major Prague sights.

5.2   Is Prague a secure city, what about the apartments?

Security is very important issue for everyone travelling abroad. The Prague is generally considered as a quite secure city. Most visitors to the Czech Republic experience no difficulties but you should be aware of street crime and petty theft, particularly in Prague. Petty theft is a problem, especially in major tourist areas in Prague. Pickpocketing is common at the main railway station and on public transport, particularly the routes to and from Prague Castle and other major tourist sites, and on the buses to/from the airport. Also we pay the highest attention to it. We have installed high security key card lock system with a memory and control for over than 6000 entrances. The key card is valid for certain time only, so there is no danger for unauthorized access. In addition to that we have CCTV cameras with life control are operating in several premises. Each apartment is equipped with private safety box and we can only recommend to keep all valuables, credit cards and cash money in it at all the time during your stay.

5.3   Do you have plug adapter and what is the voltage in the Czech Republic?

Yes, we can provide you with a plug adapter, but please note there is only 230 V voltage available in the Czech Republic.